Passing the flag at the 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention in San Francisco, California in 2019


The first Buddhist Women’s World Convention was held in March 21-22, 1961 in Kyoto, Japan. The event is held once every four years at one of the five World districts (Japan, Hawaii, Buddhist Churches of America, Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada, and South America). The next conference will be held in Kyoto, Japan on the birth anniversary of the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, Shinran Shonin.

Members attend the Convention to share information, to unite in spirit and purpose, to strengthen our beliefs in Jodo Shinshu, and to promote world peace.

17th Women's World Convention
Host: Japan
May 11-12, 2023
Kyoto, JAPAN

850th birthday of Shinran Shonin and the 800th anniversary of the Hongwanji

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